Where in Disney World?

by Paul Gowder on January 20th, 2011

Do you love Walt Disney World Resort?
Think you know it inside-out?

Where in Disney World is a game that will take you on a journey through the Magic Kingdom, to see if you can guess where in Disney World you are.

It is the perfect game to play with the kids when you are off on a long journey, to play at home, or why not try it out while you’re waiting in the queue to get on to your favorite attraction in Walt Disney World? It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained while they’re waiting in the summer heat to get their photograph taken with Mickey Mouse.

The game will show you a close-up photograph of a place in Walt Disney World Resort all you have to do is figure where it was taken.

The free version features fifty photographs from all your favorite Magic Kingdom areas:

* Main Street USA
* Adventureland
* Frontierland
* Liberty Square
* Fantasyland
* Tomorrowland

The full version of Where in Disney World has over 600 photos from 80 attractions, and features three modes of play:

* Magic Kingdom Tour – Guess locations from across the Magic Kingdom. 3 wrong answers and you are out!
* Quick Tour – Guess the images in as quick a time as possible. See who’s the quickest out of your family and friends!
* Themed Tour – Progress through the tour to unlock special themes!

Finished touring the Magic Kingdom? We’ll be releasing more of your favorite areas: Disney Hollywood Studio, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom!

Visit your favorite Walt Disney World areas straight from your iPhone and relive your wonderful family memories!

Download Now!

15 Responses to “Where in Disney World?”

  1. AJ Henry says:

    There are a few pictures from the game that I don’t remember seeing, like the image with the ichabad crane and at least three others can you help me?

  2. Paul Gowder says:

    The Ichabad Crane photo is a sign from the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

    Let me know if you have others you don’t know!

  3. AJ Henry says:

    How about the one with the flags and the one that has the word shipmates on it, or something like that?

  4. AJ Henry says:

    There is also the one that looks like it says “person float cushion?” and the one with the old time camera. I’ve tried the cinema and gallery for it and it says wrong for both. Thanks

  5. AJ Henry says:

    the blue fairy from sleeping beauty and the home sweet home tin thing, the sign that says “…nibus cinderella’s castle day only”, the gold dust saloon, the ainting of the ship, the robot waiter.

    Tried the ye old christmas shoppe for ichabad and it said x- wrong

  6. Paul Gowder says:

    Are you using the free or paid version? Please check for updates. We have corrected most errors.

  7. Paul Gowder says:

    Not sure it is the same one you are referring to, but there is one with flags in Adventureland. It’s a shop there.

    I don’t remember one with shipmates on it? What else is in the photo?

    The blue fairy in the stain glass? That’ in Fantasyland.

    Cinderella’s Castle Only sign is a mode of transportation.

    Gold Dust Saloon sign is in Frontierland.

    The painting of a ship, tell me more about that one.

    Robot Waiter is on a classic ride in Tomorrowland.

  8. Disfan says:

    The painting of a ship is swiss family
    The old style camera is main street, exposition hall.
    But I am lost too for the ” personal floatation cushion”, the photo of a framed picture of many flags, and the brass porthole(?) with shipmates only under it.
    This is a great app though (got free, now purchasing full).
    But ichabod crane bug is still there!

  9. Disfan says:

    Nevermind… I found the cushion- I had missed one boat! But, I remembered that I am chronically stumped by the photo of what appears to be a light fixture (kinda looks like crystal bowling pins upside down). I assumed crystal arts or crystal palace- but wrong! Help!

  10. Paul Gowder says:

    Glad you are enjoying the app!

    Please make sure you have the latest version. Check the app store for updates. I believe we fixed the Sleepy Hollow picture.

    The brass porthole is in a “house”.

  11. Marci Nowell says:

    I bought the app 3-7-11 and have checked for updates and several pictures are wrong. In main street the Walt Disney Wprld Railroad is spelled wrong. The picture of Agrabah bazaar doesn’t say that’s in the Agrabah bazaar option. The picture of the Pinocchio Village haus and the option says that’s wrong. For me the sleepy hollow is wrong. The enchanted grove picture doesn’t work because the word on the land is spelled enchanged grove. Please tell me what to do.

  12. Marci Nowell says:

    How many points do you need to unlock?

  13. Marci Nowell says:

    The picture that has ody irraw has me stumped. A clue? Also a picture that dee with ducks in the back. Thanks

  14. Paul Gowder says:

    Marci – You need to get 25 right in one game to unlock the first extra and 50 for 2nd.

    Agrabah bazaar is an option in Adventureland.

    I’ll check the other ones.

    The “ody irraw” one is on a classic attraction where you can see a unique view of water.

  15. Marci Nowell says:

    There are several pictures that look like thumbs that are enlarged several times.

    A picture that that spells quality and another that that has an “e” followed by sq.

    A picture with a old fashioned phone. I have tried numerous places.

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