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by Paul Gowder on August 16th, 2010

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Tips on Taking Family Photos at Disney World

Walt Disney World provides hundreds of scenes that draw photographers like us to them. The details in the building, trees, rides, and shows give us a palette of endless photographic possibilities. Most of us are not, however, fortunate enough to travel to WDW just to photograph the World. We are usually there with our family. As my wife reminds me almost daily, our upcoming trip is not a photography expedition, but a family vacation. So remember to shoot the family too!

Below are a few tips to help include your family in your WDW photography.

1) When photographing your children, get down on their level.

By getting the lens down level with their eyes you are photographing them at a direct angle, the same way you photograph other adults. Shooting down on a child creates a perspective that is not that flattering or interesting. This is especially important for some character meet and greets. Several characters will kneel down to interact with your child. Get down on your knees as well to shoot the scene.

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