Jekyll Island

by Paul Gowder on June 10th, 2010

For Memorial Day weekend we took the family down to Jekyll Island for a relaxing weekend. Jekyll Island is barrier island off the coast of Georgia. The island is very sparsely developed. It is absolutely a beautiful setting!

Kelli and I ventured out twice to attempt sunset and sunrise photos. The sky didn’t cooperate for us; it was too overcast for the vivid colors of twilight. However we found a wonderful spot for portraits!

At the north end of the island is Driftwood Beach. From Wikipedia:

These beaches are characterized by another tidal creek emptying into St. Simons Sound and a boneyard of pine and live oak tree roots, killed by beach sand eroded toward the south end of the island.

The downed trees provided great backdrops for portraits, and we dragged the rest of the family down to the beach for a photo shoot!

Gowder Family Portrait

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